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     A site about people with alternate Sleep Schedules

Welcome to

A site about people with alternate sleep schedules

This website is intended to bring everyone on the internet all the best information on polyphasic sleep.

As we are only doing this in our free time, we appologize for any issues you may encounter. We do our very best to ensure that all links, pages, and the site in general is working and up to date, but will no doubt miss something. If you find something of import, please feel free to e-mail us at

At this time, the area with the most information is most definitely our Articles section. This has quite a few articles that range from What is Polyphasic Sleep, to different kinds of standard schedules (such as Uberman and Dymaxion), to Info and Tips on Adapting. The articles section is the key to the site.

The blog section is currently only a blog of one of our members conversion to a polyphasic schedule: Gerry Leonard. Please check this out as he has and will have some real insight into adapting to polyphasic sleep. You can e-mail Gerry at We are looking to expend this section. If you are on, or preferably adapting or thinking of adapting to polyphasic sleep, we would love to have you blog about it on our website. We are planning on making this streamlined so that it would be very easy for you to make posts on here (maybe even easier than on other blogging sites), but right now, we are working on getting the rest of the site more populated with relevant information. If or when someone is interested, though, we will move architecting the outside blogging system to the highest priority.

Our other sections are currently lacking. We are aware of this and are expecting large expensions in the future.

April 1, 2011 - We're back. For those of you who have been visiting the site for a while, you have no doubt noticed there have not been any updates. Unfortunately, we are a small group who manages this site and had been occupied by some other endeavors. Fortunately for this site, it appears that we will have significantly more time in the near future to do some updates. So, expet some additional article, for Gerry to start blogging again, etc.

Happy sleeping