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Gerry Leonard's Blog (July 2009):

Night 45

Yesterday, (Day 45) my normal naps weren't perfect. My 10:30am nap went pretty well, other than I felt tired at about 10 and really had to push to stay awake for a half hour but then didn't feel that tired anymore. At my 2:30pm nap, I again felt tired ealy and so went to bed a coouple minutes early, about 2:23pm. It took me a few minutes to get to sleep, as always, so I probably got to sleep around 2:28. At 2:35, I got a call from my employer (remember I'm on lay off). The call lasted only about 5 minutes. But, this was right in the middle of my nap. I decided to try and start the nap over again. That didn't go so well. It took me another 5-10 mintes or so to get to sleep (now about 2:50pm). Well, my wife was downstairs and didn't know about the call, so when I didn't get up at 2:50, being the wonderful wife that she is, she came in to wake me up. SO, I got another maybe 5 minutes of sleep. I said forget it and called it a nap.

That night, I went on a date night with my wife. We dropped off my daughter with her brother and his fiance then went to the movies. We got into the theater at 5:25 for a 5:35 showing. Of course, I am supposed to take a nap at 6:30. Instead, I laid down right away. I wanted to get the nap out of the way. So, I fell aslweep in the theater, pretty quickly actually. I didn't get a full nap in, though. An alarm clock went off in the movie shortly after it started (around 5:40) and that woke me up. But, I had gotten a nap in, even though it had only been 15 minutes.

OK, so we get home after date night at about 9pm. There is a new show on SyFy (formerly SciFi) called Warehouse 13. It looked interesting, so I turned it on. At 10pm, I realize that it is a 2 hour special and will run until 11pm. Since my last nap was ealy, and I would rather miss 20 minutes from 10-10:20 than the very end of the show, I decide to take my nap then, at 10pm. I set my kitchen timer alarm. I didn't check/reset my phone alarm and go to sleep. The next thing I know, my phone alarm is waking me up: at 6:55am. I slept straight from 10pm to 7am: 9 hours. Now that's a day off. I don't know what happened with the kitchen timer, but it was turned off when I woke up. And, I slept right through two alarms from my phone that go off automatically.

So, yesterday could have gone a little better. Also, I was supposed to call my parents last night. As I noted two posts ago, they are in Hawaii, so they are 6 hours different. I was supposed to call them yesterday but with the date night never had time, so I planned on doing so after my nap (and show). That didn't work out so great. So, I guess I'll just have to call them this afternoon.

Night 44

Yeah! OK, so as noted, Night 43 I slept a lot. I guess I needed it. So, tonight, I came pretty close to following yesterday's schedule and was indeed able to stay up all night. I actually didn't drive to my parents as noted at about 11am. I was already in the neighborhood for a poker game I usually play. So, I just went there right afterwards, took a nap and stayed the rest of the night.

I did play quite a bit of Wii. I played the balance games on Wii Fit. My parents don't have a whole lot of different games. Wii Fit is really the reason that my mom wanted the system and what she uses it for mostly. But, that kept me awake for the night. So, mission accomplished. I'll plan on doing the same thing tomorrow night. Well, I should say the same schedule, though without the modification noted above.

Night 43

OK, then. I took last night as a Day Off. I didn't plan on it; it just happened. Yesterday was church, so I did not get a good nap at 10:30am because I was in the car. I read on other blogs and places on-line that people on polyphasic sleep can just kink out anywhere. I definitely have not gotten to that point yet. I guess I was kind of counting on that part in order to be able to get naps in. The car is the biggest one. I don't even konk out in bed. It often takes me at least a couple minutes to fall asleep. But, in the car, I usually spend 10-15 minutes of my 20 minute nap actually falling asleep. So, when the alarm goes off 20 minutes later, I've hardly gotten any sleep. Hmm, so I started setting my alarm for 22 minutes instead of 20 minutes to give myself time to get to sleep. This has worked pretty well, I think, when I am at home but not so well in the car. Perhaps I should just set the alarm for longer in the car. I know it is going to be harder, so a 30 or 35 minute "nap" (including getting to sleep) should be fine. Hmm, ok, I'm going to start this. Anyway, I also had difficulty getting to sleep at one of my other naps yesterday. It must have been my 6:30pm nap. Actually, I thought I had fallen asleep and woke up naturally, which would be great progress, but when I looked at the alarm, it stated I had only been asleep for about 10 minutes. So, I tried to go to sleep again but was unsuccessful.

So, eventually, midnight rolls around. I think this is about when I went to sleep. I know it was before 2:30am which is when I am supposed to go down for a nap. The alarm for that nap woke me up but only for a moment. I do not remember actually doing anything. The next thing I remember is my alarm to end my next nap (6:30am) going off. "Oh Great", I think. See my wife asked me to take a night off and sleep with her in the bed upstairs. I said no I didn't want to take a night off, but I eneded up taking a night off anyway. Well, she's not gonig to be happy when I tell her this. So, I think I should probably go upstairs to cuddle with her some. I already got most of a regular monophasic night's sleep; what's the problem with finishing it off upstairs. So, I did, and besides a few times talking to my wife, I pretty much slept until 9am. If you remeber, I previously posted that I would play poker from ~10:30-next nap and this should keep me awake. Well, my wife feels I am getting adicted to poker (which is likely true) and that this is a bad thing (which I feel is not true since it hardly costs me any money because I win about as much as I lose). So, she asked for me to take a week of from on-line poker. I am still planning on going over to a friend's house tonight to play. That's different. Anyway, so last night, with no power to play, it was the first night I fell asleep before my next nap.

OK, so where do I go from here. I have three choices. (A) I can just forget it and go back to monophasic sleep; (B) I can try and stick this Uberman schedule out again for this week; (C) I can go to an Everyman schedule. One at a time, I definitly don't like (A). I'm not going to go back to a straight monophasic schedule, especially now when i am not working. OK, end of story there. I could switch to an Everyman schedule. Based on what happened with my 5 hour nap schedule before, I think that I would not have much of a problem sticking to an Everyman schedule. But, I told myself, and you readers, that I was gong to commit to polyphasic sleep for 60 days. When I said that, I meant not a polyphasic schedule with a core sleep, though that is still a polyphasic schedule. So, Uberman it is. This means, as mentioned in yesterdays post, I need to come up with some physical activity to do at night. Hmm, wait, my parents just went on vacation. My mother has a Wii. I am assuming they did not take the Wii with them. So, either I could borrow the Wii, or every night I could drive over there (keeping myself awake), play Wii which is relatively physical in nature, depending on what I play, and then drive back, which will again keep me awake. Hmm, I'll have to run this by my wife. My parents have said that we are free to go over to their house for any reason while they are gone. I think the main reason they assumed was to go swimming in the lake behind their house. But, I am sure that playing on the Wii would be fine. I'm not sure if they would want me to borrow it. No, I know they wouldn't have a problem with that either. Though, of course, they would want me to put it back. Really, though, if I am going to borrow it, I should ask them first. They already told us we could go there, but if it was my stuff, I would want someone to ask me first, even though I would say yes. They're in Hawaii, so I'm pretty sure their cell phones still work. But, as mentioned, maybe forcing myself to do the driving each day would be a good thing. I would probably do excercise there at their house at 5am-6am, then I could drive home to take my 6:30am nap (it takes about a half hour to get there or back). After my nap, I would do my morning routine, which is what I am supposed to do per my schedule. Hmm, it appears I never posted a schedule for this new Uberman nap times. OK, well assuming I am going to drive there every night, here is my new schedule:

daytime naps: 10:30am, 2:30pm, 6:30pm.
10:30pm: nap
10:50pm: Drive to my parent's house
If I feel awake enough, then watch TV and do stuff on the computer.
If not, then start on the Wii.
2:30am: nap
2:50am: Play Wii or do something else physical.
I love to sing, but rarely do here at home, even during the day, because I feel like I am bothering my wife, si I will likely do a lot of sining there also. There's no one there so I don't have to worry about making noise.
5am: excercise routine
~6am: drive home
6:30am: nap
6:50am: clean up house, take shower, get ready for day.

You know what, I think this might work, at least for a few nights. And, I really tihnk that if I can just stick to it 100% for a week, then I'll be fully adapted. So far, I have never gone more than 2 days straight without the extra nap at night. It's a plan.

Night 42

Harumph! Yesterday, I did not get my naps very well. We had a party that started at 5pm. When 6:30 came around, it took me a few minutes to slip away to try and sleep, but it was tough since there was noise from the party. It's not their fault, of course, we threw the party. Later, when 10:30pm came around, I again went upstairs, but, possibly because I had had some pop during the party, I couldn't really get to sleep.

After everyone left, I did my best to stay awake. I did get up after my 2:30am nap, even though I felt very tired. And, I pushed through my tiredness to get some cleaning up from the party done and some other things too. But, eventually, I succumbed. I fell asleep on the couch. I was trying to wait to do excercise until 5am. I guess maybe I shouldn't have. Maybe I wouldn't have fallen asleep. Hmm. I think I might want to add an extra nap in at 4:30am tonight. If I plan on it and set an alarm for the right time, it might work out better. Yeah, I think I'll plan on it tonight. And, as stated before, I'm not going to go on the computer after 2:30, because that's sure to put me to sleep.

I really want to do this, but it is definitly difficult. In retrospect, I definitly should have just done the real Uberman from the begining. At that time, I had a bunch of things to do at night to keep me busy. Now, I really don't. I still need to clean my room, but I really hate doing it and definitely don't want to spend over 3 hours a night on it. Driving keeps me awake, in general, but I really am not a big fan of driving at night when I am exhausted as I sometimes have trouble keeping my eyes open. Naturally, having my eyes open is important when driving.

I'll have to come up with something. If any on you have any ideas, other than excercising, please feel free to e-mail me at

Night 41

I'm an idiot. I again got some extra sleep: earlier in the night than last night. When I woke up at 10:20 I still felt exhausted. I was ablt so stay up (though I was fighting nodding off) until my 2am nap.

But, when I woke up from that nap, I couldn't stay awake. I literally could hardly keep my eyes open. I laid down on the couch because it was so comfortable. I remeber this feeling of euphoria when laying down.

Night 39-40

Well, it didn't go as well the second night, night 39, as it did the first night on Uberman. I think I ended up taking some extra sleep. I'm not 100% positive about it, both because I am remebering back now, and because I seem to remember not knowing I fell asleep but waking up at 7 someting. I had a tough time from about 4am to 8am, if I remember correctly.

I did not go lie down with my wife on Night 39. This is both a blessing and a curse. I probably should have brought it up sooner, as sometimes I do and sometimes I don't at night. When I lie down with her, (a) she will help me get up, or at least that's the theory, but (b) it makes me want to lie there more; I enjoy lying in bed with my wife.

So, on to night 40, which I remember much better.

I slept extra. I pushed myself and pushed myself to stay awake all night. I made apple-crisp between 1am and 2am. I forced myself to clean my room between 3:30 and 4:30. I did excersize from 5am to almost 6am. All this to keep me awake. And, up until my 6am nap, I stayed the course. After the 6am nap, I got up and started doing something. I don't remember what now, even though it was only 2 and a half hours ago (it is currently 8:30am).

But, I do remember that at about 7am, I was pratically falling alseep standing up. I went upstairs and stood outside our bedroom door. I'm not really sure how long I stood there. It was more than a few seconds, maybe a minute or two. Looking back now, I was obviously not thinking straight. I remember thinking, "She'll be waking up soon; I can keep myself from falling asleep for just a little while until she wakes up." Of course, I couldn't. I knew I couldn't. But, for some reason, my brain thought that I would be able to. It played a dirtly little trick on itself. I took probably about a 1 hour nap between 7am and 8am. It might have been less, as I don't know exactly what time I laid down. I wasn't thinking clear enough to remember what was on the clock or set a timer.

I think from now on I'm just going to take naps downstairs like I used to. I started taking them in the room because I was sleeping through alarms. I didn't know if they weren't going off or I just wasn't hearing them. Fearing the latter, I wanted to wake up my wife each time to make sure that she would wake me up. Obviously, some side effects are, (1) she is not super crazy about the idea of being woken up at 2am and 6am every night, (2) I am tempted to go lie down with her other times when there is no alarms and no way I will wake up. So, from now on, that is off limits. Also, I will begin using the timer the way I used to: always having it set to go off in 25 minutes. So, if I do go to sleep, then I will have an alarm to wake me up within about a nap's time.

Other than that, I think I'm good. When I get up at 6:20am, I need to do something and not go to sleep. Really, I should take a shower right away. This should wake me up. And then, I will do the rest of my morning routine.

Hopefully this will keep me awake. No matter what, I need to stick to this schedule for the next week. I really want to make this work.

Night 38

So, last night was interesting. Yesterday, I took naps at 10am, 2pm, 6pm, and 10pm. As I discussed in yesterday's post, I theorized that the way our bodies work is that they just need that extra nap each day. I was still surprised at how much easier it was to stay up all night. I did end up taking an extra nap at around 4am, but only for 20 minutes and it was "planned" in that I decided to do it.

I was also surprised today that I would get tired right at the nap times, pretty much. I have been living with 5 hours nap start to start. But, it became easily natural for me to go to a 4 hour nap schedule.

We'll see how it goes tonight. Wish me luck.