Sleep Polyphasic
     A site about people with alternate Sleep Schedules

Which sleep schedule is right for me?

Once you've heard about polyphasic sleep, you may be wondering if you should try it and if so, which schedule is right for you.
I considered trying to come up with a question and answer flowchart to lead to a certain schedule but decided that it was probably better to leave it up to each person's own opinion as to the correct cost benefit analysis.

So, here are the things you should think about for each sleep schedule.

     Same as everyone else
     No chances as far as sleep deprivation issues
     Large flexibility in terms of sleep timing
     Relatively large amount of total sleep needed
   Good idea for people who:
     Spend long continuous periods of the day with other people not on polyphasic sleep
     Have a current schedule that would not allow for nap times
     Care a lot about being "normal"
     Will get bored if awake a lot at night
     Enjoy spending time only with others and not by themselves (and do not currently have polyphasic friends)

     Only 2 hours of sleep every day - the least of any sleep schedule
     All naps are only 20 minutes long
     Once adapted, able to fall asleep quickly and anywhere
     Not really that easy to adapt to
     Not very flexible in nap or wake durations
     Only 3.5 hours awake at a time
   Good idea for people who:
     Think sleeping is a waste of time
     Are able and willing to stick to a pretty strict schedule
     Do not regularly do anything at greater than 3.5 hour intervals that cannot be interrupted

     "Only" about 4 hours of sleep a day
     Naps are only 20 minutes long
     Significantly more flexibility in napping, especially once adapted
     Longer periods of wake time than Uberman
     Still requires naps during the day
   Good idea for people who:
     Want to do polyphasic sleep to gain more time
     Don't think they can handle either Uberman or Dymaxion sleep

     Only 2 hours of sleep a day - the least of any sleep schedule
     Only 4 naps a day
     6 hour wake periods
     Hardest to adapt to
     Longer (30 minute) naps, therefore harder to find a time to take them.