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Uberman Sleep Schedule

The term "Uberman" was first coined by an online poster named PureDoxyK in a post on But, the general concept of the sleep schedule is believed to go back to the time of Leonardo Da Vinci or even long before that. It is relatively widely accepted that Da Vinci took power naps during the day. It is also usually accepted that for at least part of his life he then did not take a normal night time sleep but only took the naps at night. In general, the beliefs of some as to how Da Vinci slept is the basis for the Uberman Sleep Schedule.

So, what is it?
The Uberman sleep schedule is a form of Polyphasic Sleep. It consists of 6 equally spaced, 20 minute naps. Every 4 hours, arounf the clock, someone on an Uberman schedule would take a 20 minute nap. That's it. No other sleep, such as at night, is included. So, one ends up with 6 roughly 220 minute (3 hour 40 minute) awake periods for a total of 22 hours out of each 24 hour day.

That's pretty much it. Uberman is considered to be the "ideal" non-core sleep polyphasic schedule

The key to adapting to this, of course, is actually taking those naps and not oversleeping, as with any polyphasic sleep schedule. If you or someone you know is thinking of actually trying the Uberman sleep schedule. Please take a look at the Adaptation Information page or our Adapting Tips page for tips, tricks, and suggestions for adapting to polyphasic sleep.